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To preserve and extend the life of your spa, a reliable spa cover is absolutely necessary. Spa covers are essential accessories for any spa owner, as they provide a long list of benefits that can assist you in maximising your spa's lifespan.

A quality cover will offer great insulation, which is important for trapping heat inside your spa so the water temperature is always at the recommended level. Even in the winter, you'll be able to keep your hot tub at the preferred temperature. This eliminates the added cost of re-heating your water, and it will also protect your water from the elements. 

A spa cover helps to keep leaves, dirt, and insects out of your spa, preserving the water quality and extending the life of your spa. By insulating your spa, a cover helps to maintain a consistent water temperature. This can save you money on your energy bills. 

It can also reduce water evaporation, saving you money on water bills and reducing the frequency of refilling your spa. Lastly, a spa cover helps to protect your spa from both extreme heat and cold, preventing damage to the spa and its components.

Cleaning and maintaining your spa cover should be as easy as 1-2-3. Our covers are made with tough materials that resist stains and are easy to wipe clean, saving you time and effort in maintenance.

We understand that spas come in all kinds of different sizes, which is why our covers are available in various dimensions to fit your specific model. Most of our covers range in dimensions from 2m x 2m to 4m x 2m. No matter what size spa you have, we’ve got options made to meet your needs.

Grab yourself one of our spa covers online and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your spa is shielded, insulated, and ready for anything. We also carry a range of excellent spas and lounge spas for you to choose from. And if you need any spa cleaning chemicals and materials, we carry those too! 

So, get on over to your nearest Clark Rubber store or shop online and have your new cover delivered to you.