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Rubber grommets are pieces of rubber that protect or cover an edge and protect cables or wires from sharp corners or edges. They are commonly used for electrical installations and for home improvement. 

Grommets are always handy to have around. Whether you're installing wiring or doing some home improvement, it pays to have a few rubber grommets on hand. At Clark Rubber, we stock:

  • Blind grommets
  • Pull-through grommets
  • Wiring grommets

And we have them in all the different shapes and sizes you need to cover up holes and sharp edges. Don’t get caught out down the line --- grab some grommets today.

Long lasting rubber grommets

Clark Rubber grommets are made from long-lasting natural rubber. It provides better heat insulation than other kinds of grommets. Plus, rubber grommets will often ensure longer-lasting protection for your wires and furniture than metal or plastic equivalents.

Rubber grommets also take up less space, leaving a flush and attractive finish.

Different grommets for different jobs

When installing an electrical connection, use a wiring grommet to make sure the wires are protected against walls and sharp objects. This will prevent damage to the wiring from the walls and sharp objects. Then, to seal up any holes that you’ve drilled in the process, use a blind grommet.

For holes in floors, walls and other surfaces where you can only access one side, a pull-through grommet is a convenient solution for restoring strength and integrity. You can purchase all three of these grommets, in a size that will suit your needs, at Clark Rubber.

Buy grommets in bulk and save

All our rubber grommets are available in a huge range of sizes for every possible application, with efficient designs keeping them firmly in place once installed. If you spend $130 or more in our online store, we'll deliver your order free within a 50 km radius of your nearest Clark Rubber store.

For one of the biggest and best collections of rubber grommets in Australia, come to Clarke Rubber. Check out our range online, or shop in store.