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A swimming pool is a convenient way to cool off
while also adding value to
your home.

Perhaps you're installing an outdoor pool as part of a new home build or looking to create a peaceful retreat in your current backyard. Whatever your reason for buying a pool, you'll find an affordable option within our range of modular pools

Available in 20 different shapes, and sizes, suitable for above-ground, inground, or partially inground installation.


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Our modular pools are built to withstand harsh Australian weather using BlueScope steel and a corrosion-resistant zinc coating. 

Above-ground pools are suitable for most grass areas; whether it's a courtyard, garden, or paddock, it's as simple as just finding a flat piece of land and deciding on freshwater 
or saltwater.

If you reside in the Southern part of Australia and only use your Pool in the Warm Summer months, a portable or inflatable pool is a convenient option to set up for a few months and store sway for the rest of the year.
 A step up from the shell-shaped pools of the nineties, our portable pools use a tough puncture-resistant 3-Ply liner with a rust-resistant steel frame and the ability to hold over four thousand liters of water.

It's just not the adults who enjoy the idea of having a swimming pool. Keep the kids entertained with our range of inflatable pools to create a water theme park in your 

own backyard.

Regardless of your space, budget, and style, we'll help you find a pool to suit your lifestyle.

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