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Our wide range of mattresses is designed to provide you with the ultimate sleeping experience. Whether you're seeking the perfect balance of comfort and support. Explore our collection and invest in restful night's sleep with Clark Rubber mattresses. 


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Comfort Standard

The Australian-Made Comfort Standard is our value range of mattresses to satisfy the casual-use customer. Perfect for temporary sleepover solutions, like when you have extra kids staying or in holiday homes or short-term stays. Made with medium-density foam, this range offers good comfort levels. Finished with a lightweight, breathable microfiber cover and treated with Ultra-Fresh for premium antimicrobial protection, this is your perfect occasional-use option. Sleep soundly with the 1-year warranty on all Comfort Standard Mattresses.

Clark Rubber

Comfort Deluxe

Made from Dunlop Foams Ultimate High-Density Firm Feel foam, the Australian Made Comfort Deluxe range is perfect for frequent use in spare bedrooms at home, in caravans, campervans & trailers, camping; or at the beach house. The Comfort Deluxe range will provide years of quality, comfortable sleep. Made with a lightweight, breathable polyester/cotton washable cover for convenience. All Comfort Deluxe Foam Mattresses are treated with Ultra-Fresh for premium antimicrobial protection. Sleep soundly with the 1-year warranty on all Comfort Standard Mattresses.

Clark Rubber

Comfort Platinum Latex

Our Australian Made Comfort Platinum Mattress range is perfect for everyday use and a perfect alternative to Innersprings. Premium density foam with a natural Latex layer for improved support and durability. With moisture-wicking properties, a TencelĀ® cover helps to provide a cool sleep surface. Treated with Ultra-Fresh, an anti-microbial compound that provides effective controls of dust mites, mould, mildew, and fungi. Sleep soundly with the 5-year warranty on all Comfort Standard Mattresses

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