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Salt Water Pool Chlorinators

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Automatic Saltwater Chlorination is an effective and hassle-free way to keep your pool sanitised, safe and healthy.

> Automatic chlorine generation

Say goodbye to manual handling and dosing with liquid and granular pool chemicals like chlorine. Saltwater chlorinators do the work for you by generating chlorine automatically.

> Thinking of upgrading?

If your old saltwater chlorinator is not efficiently and effectively sanitizing your pool anymore, it may be time to upgrade. Clark Rubber have a range of complete chlorinators to suit your needs and budget.

> A comprehensive range

Our range of saltwater chlorinators include advanced systems with automatic chlorine and pH control and smartphone monitoring.

Clark Rubber also offer quality basic models with the essential features for everyday automatic chlorination.

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Safe: With a saltwater pool, the need to regularly buy, transport, store and handle pool chlorine is greatly minimised, making it safer for the pool owner and their families. Also, a mismanaged chlorine pool with high chlorine levels will bleach hair, clothes, pool liners and can damage pool equipment.

More time to relax: Once the salt levels are set and optimised, a saltwater chlorinator will run automatically and conveniently at set filtration times and dispense the right amount of sanitiser for your pool. This means it will reduce the amount of time you spend buying and manually dispensing chlorine and gives you more time to relax and enjoy your pool with your family.

A saltwater chlorinator will also maintain a steady, regulated sanitiser level in the pool which means less fluctuations and potential damage to equipment.   

Health and Comfort: A mismanaged chlorine pool can dry out hair and skin and cause irritations, whilst a salt chlorinator pool will maintain safe levels and avoid the formation of unhealthy irritation-causing chloramines. Many swimmers also prefer the feeling of a salt water or mineral pool as it is soft, more luxurious, and odour-free.  

Converting your existing chlorine pool to a saltwater pool is simple and easy:

  • Determine the size and volume of your pool so we can help you select the right model to sanitise your pool         
  • Establish a location for the installation of the saltwater chlorinator control unit/power supply
  • Add the chlorinator electrolytic cell into the pool’s plumbing
  • Add the appropriate levels of Salt or Pool Minerals which are available from your local Clark Rubber store
  • Connect your pump to the saltwater chlorinator, turn it on, set the timers and your automatic chlorination system is ready to go

Need installation assistance?

Let Clark Rubber do the work for you. Contact your local store for model selection advice and to book an installation.

A saltwater chlorinator includes an electrolytic cell that is plumbed into the filtration pipework and operates during the pool’s pumping and filtration cycles.

Pool Salt or Pool Mineral products containing chlorides, are added to the pool water at levels recommended by the manufacturer. The Salt or Minerals combine with the electrolytic cell to produce chlorine sanitiser. 

The level of salt required is much lower than occurs in the ocean and has around the same salinity level as your tears, so the water is soft, comfortable and not too salty to taste.

As the saltwater (or minerals) passes through the electrolytic cell, a low current passes through the water and splits the Chlorides in the water, into a sanitiser; sodium hypochlorite and hypochlorous acid (Chlorine).

Some chlorinator cells have self-cleaning technology to minimise the amount of calcium that can deposit on the cell’s metal plates. These types of cells are often called ‘reverse-polarity’ cells. Reverse-polarity cells make pool ownership even easier for you, by reducing the need to clean the cell plates.

Saltwater Chlorinators also have the ability to automatically run your pump and filtration cycles. They typically have power outlets to connect your pump and in-built timers that allow you to set the times of day when you want the pump and chlorinator to operate.

Clark Rubber also have saltwater chlorinators which feature connections and switches for pool lights and the most advanced saltwater chlorinators can sense the sanitiser levels in the pool and dose pool chemicals like acid and manage chlorine outputs accordingly. 

The main difference between a saltwater pool and a standard freshwater chlorine system, is way in which the pool is sanitised.

In a standard chlorine pool, chlorine treatments like chlorine tablets, granules or liquid chlorine are regularly and manually dosed into the pool using a floating dispenser or by dispensing a solution via a bucket, directly into the pool. This method requires more monitoring and more regular water testing, as well as the safe storage of potentially dangerous and smelly chemicals.

Alternatively, in a saltwater pool, a device called a saltwater chlorinator is used to automatically generate chlorine and maintain levels of sanitiser which keep your pool safe and healthy to swim in.

Using a saltwater chlorinator means you will avoid the need to physically dose your pool with chlorine. To automatically sanitise the pool, pool salt is required to aid in a process known as electrolysis.

AstralPool HaloChlor Salt Water Chlorinator

The HaloChlor is AstralPool's latest and most advanced saltwater chlorinator. Featuring a colour touch screen and intuitive functions, the HaloChlor can also be wirelessly connected to family of modules that expand its capability for switching control, heating and automated valve control. 

Clark Rubber
Clark Rubber

Astral Viron eQ 25 - 25g/h Salt Water Chlorinator

The Viron eQuilibrium Salt Water Chlorinator systems are AstralPool’s premier range, with highly advanced electronics and a range of options to minimise or eliminate the change in water balance.

Astral Viron V25 - 25g/h Salt Water Chlorinator

AstralPool’s Viron V-Series Saltwater Chlorinator is an ever-popular model providing efficiency, control, convenience and reliability in the automatic sanitising of your saltwater pool.

Clark Rubber
Clark Rubber

Filtrite CE25 - Salt Water Chlorinator

Salt chlorinators are designed to provide precise levels of sanitiser resulting in a healthy pool. The range of Filtrite by Hurlcon salt chlorinators continuously generate precise levels of chlorine required for pool.

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