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Auto Heater Hose 12.7mm / 16mm / 19mm
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Auto Fuel Hose 5mm
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Staflex Pool Hose 32mm
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NTP Reinforced Clear Hose 6mm
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Lay Flat Hose 38mm
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Hose Auto Vacuum Washer 7mm
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Our range of rubber hosing

Whether you're filling up a pool, a fuel tank or transporting food, find the right hoses for every job at Clark Rubber. We supply:

  • CVT tubing
  • PVC pool Staflex
  • General purpose hoses

All our products come in a complete range of sizes, and can be cut to the length you need.

General purpose rubber hosing

Not all hoses are created equal, and you need to check whether the tube is large enough and capable of transporting what you need. Our general purpose hoses are made to commercial and industrial standards and are both food grade and oil safe. Choose tubing CVT 3mm to 50mm in diameter or a light or heavy lay flat hose that rolls up for ease of storage.


Clear Vinyl Tubing (CVT) is highly flexible and lightweight. It has clear walls so you can easily identify where blockages are located, or whether objects have gotten stuck in it. Many people choose CVT for commercial and industrial use. Because it's made from food-grade PVC which passes the Australian food safety standards. You can use it for:

  • Petrol contacts with siphon lines
  • Cable protection
  • Drainage lines
  • Food and beverage contact
  • Low-pressure general purpose delivery

PVC pool Staflex

At $7.95 a metre, our Staflex pool hose connects pumps and simmers to above-ground pools. Thanks to its spiral design and the fact that its made out of PVC material, this plastic hose is crush-proof, durable, and UV resistant. You can choose from two internal diameters, and we sell by the metre so you can get the right amount for your project.

Multipurpose auto hoses

Our rubber pipes can be used for vehicle applications. It can come into contact with:

  • Diesel
  • Oil
  • Unleaded petrol
  • Ethanol
  • Methanol

Made from synthetic rubber and a neoprene cover, this tube is highly durable. It can withstand oil and grease degradation, and under-hood temperatures. It comes in four different sizes, and can withstand temperatures ranging from -40°C to 125°C.