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The boot of your car goes through a lot. Whether it's transporting wet pets, kid's prams, or work tools, it's likely to get scuffed and dirty. Car boot mats do more than protect your boot from wear, mud, dirt, and dust. They help reduce road noise, prevent your things from sliding around, and are removable for quick and easy cleaning.

 If you're constantly taking the dog to and from the beach, lake, or river, you'll need a waterproof car boot mat that is wet dog resistant. Our long-wearing rubber mats make the perfect protective layer between your car carpet and pets. Our premium rubber mats are non-slip and spill-resistant —the ideal addition for transporting your beloved furry friends safely.

 When you use your car for work and regularly transport tools or bulky equipment, protect your boot with a heavy-duty cargo mat. Our mats are chemical resistant, non-slip and easy to clean. Travel from one job to another with peace of mind knowing your valuables are safe and secure.

 At Clark Rubber, we have a range of car boot liners and car accessories to fit most sedans, wagons, and 4x4s. Before your next camping adventure, update your camping and caravanning equipment. Keep the family safe and comfortable with new car mats, door seals, and camping accessories. We have a range of automotive carpets and mats available.