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While we stock a wide range of mattress sizes, queen mattresses are by far the most popular choice for the Australian consumer. At Clark Rubber, we pride ourselves on making quality products at affordable prices, and our queen mattresses are no exception. Suitable for couples or singles, a queen mattress is convenient when you want to spread out without annoying your partner, and the dimensions fit perfectly into most standard-sized bedrooms and allow enough space for bedside tables.

 When you've decided a queen mattress is for you, it's time to decide on foam, latex, or memory foam. The best foam will depend on your comfort and support preferences but it’s also important to consider breathability, fabric type, and foam density. While all queen mattresses have the same height and width, keep in mind the depth may vary depending on the foam you choose.

 A bed isn't complete without a comfortable and supportive bed base. Consider your design style, support needs, and budget when selecting a bed base. Once you've found the perfect queen mattress and base, preserve the quality of your new mattress with a machine-washable mattress protector. Add a foam mattress topper or overlay if you want extra support and comfort. Whatever queen mattress you choose, stay warm and cosy under our ultra-soft quilt covers and set sheets.

 When looking to upgrade your mattress, visit your nearest Clark Rubber store. Our friendly and experienced team will answer your questions.