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How to Clean a Green Pool

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If you haven’t used your pool 
over the cooler months, then 
there’s good chance that 
your water has turned green.

No one likes cleaning a green pool but it’s extremely important that you do. To avoid the pain of cleaning it yourself, you can get a Clark Rubber green pool cleaning expert to do it all for you instead. 

It’s a quick, affordable, and effective way to return your pool water back to its sparkling best.

Why pools turn green

Green pools are mostly caused by excess algae, while rust, leaves or pollen build-up may also have an effect. Chlorine is used to fight off algae and bacteria, but if your pool water doesn’t have enough of it, or if the water’s pH levels aren’t properly balanced, then the chlorine simply can’t do its job.

Clark Rubber
Clark Rubber

Why it’s important to clean a green pool

Swimming in a green pool can be harmful to your health. Whilst algae alone may not be dangerous, there’s a good chance that some bacteria may be present, which can make you sick and potentially be fatal.

Why you should talk to an expert

Because there are different causes for a green pool, there isn’t just one cleaning solution. Trial and error methods can be costly and unsafe, which is why it’s best to talk to a Clark Rubber expert. They can quickly test your water to work out what the problem is and come up with a plan to clean it as quickly as possible.

Our team of experts have the knowledge, expertise and years of experience cleaning green pools with the most effective chemicals in the business. So, no matter how green your pool is, they will use the right chemicals to treat the specific symptoms of your green pool and make your water clean and healthy again.

Contact the team at your local Clark Rubber today to get your pool water tested and they can tailor a plan to treat and clean your pool in no time at all.

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Clark Rubber

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