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Wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated with an Australian-made king-size mattress topper from Clark Rubber. Our range will help extend the life of your mattress and ensure you get a good night’s rest by providing extra comfort and support for your weary body.

How to choose the right king-size mattress topper for you?

If you just want an extra layer of comfort, try our Comfort Plus Support Overlay. It is a luxurious 60mm thick and made with high-density foam that supports and massages your body.

Suppose you need extra support for specific body pains. In that case, our FusionGel Overlay, made with contouring memory foam, will help align your spine and relieve pressure points while you sleep. Plus, the gel infusions help to regulate your body temperature.

Our Natural Latex King Overlay is the king mattress topper for you if you prefer plant-based products. Natural latex is from plant material found in rubber trees. Our Natural Latex King Overlay has inbuilt moisture-wicking and antibacterial properties that give you a healthier and drier sleep.

Did you know we also sell quality king-size sheet sets and king-size quilts? Our huge range of sheet sets includes on-trend colours and soothing fabrics made with cotton, bamboo, and microfibre blends, all with a minimum 1000 thread count. Like our king-size mattress toppers, our quilt range is antibacterial, has moisture-wicking properties, and assists with body temperature regulation. Treat yourself to an all-over bed makeover with a king mattress topper, an opulent king sheet set, and a luxurious king quilt.

A king-size mattress is an investment. Our king-size mattress toppers and fitted mattress protectors will extend your bed’s longevity. Get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable team and give yourself the gift of a good night’s sleep.