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There’s no better feeling than pulling the pool cover off on a perfect day and relaxing in your pool. Depending on the size, shape, and style of your pool and pool cover, though, it can sometimes be tricky or unsightly to remove manually. Whether your pool cover is a little difficult to remove yourself or you just prefer the tidy convenience, pool cover rollers offer a simple solution to get you in the pool quicker and easier.

Our range of pool rollers makes removing a pool cover approachable for everyone. Using a hand-crank pool roller, covers are smoothly removed from the surface of any type of pool, including in-ground, above-ground, and portable pools. Pools that are in use all year, such as those taking advantage of pool heaters, can benefit from stationary pool rollers which are always ready to use. Those that use a pool seasonally or prefer a little extra space might prefer mobile or under-bench pool rollers

Pool covers are an essential way to protect your pool from dirt and leaves, reduce the number of chemicals required (including chlorine), retain heat, and prevent water evaporation. With our collection, you’ll find a huge range of thicknesses up to 500 microns and finishes, including polypropylene mesh and natural-looking water shimmer designs. 

Smart styles like solar pool covers offer the same excellent protection, while absorbing the sun’s heat and passively warming your pool’s water. We also offer a range of sizes and shapes for portable pool covers, meaning that no matter how you like to cool off, you’ll find a pool cover to suit.