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Are you looking for a better solution for temporary bedding while avoiding the constant challenges of an inflatable mattress? Give our 3-fold foam mattresses a try! Whether you want to relax in the sun with a book or transform the living room into a mini-movie theatre our 3-fold foam mattresses are an excellent, cost effective addition to your home. Available in single, double, and queen sizes. 

Our 3-fold foam mattresses are made from high quality foams in Australia. Thanks to their convenient three-fold design, these mattresses can be set up instantly and stored away with ease. They are also treated with Ultra-Fresh, an antimicrobial compound that fights against mould, fungi, dust mites, mildew, and more.

You can also rely on us for all of your camping and caravanning sleep needs. Our 3-fold foam mattresses are also great for camping as they don’t require a pump like an air mattress.

As the leaders in pools, foam, and rubber in Australian retail with over 75 years of experience and expertise. Aussies all over the country trust Clark Rubber for their recreational needs. Shop with us now, online or in-store, and get everything you need for lounging, camping, and caravanning.